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Touché God…Touché

February 16, 2011

Back in December, Dane and I decided that he would take a little trip in the car to get snipped. Snipped as in Vasectomy. We decided if we were going to have children that they would be adopted. How nice it would be to wait until we were way into our 30’s! All of the things we wanted to do are finally within reach. SO HAPPY!

On January 22nd, 2011, our world just became a lot more complicated. I got home from work at 11pm, sat down at the kitchen table to eat, and realized I was exactly 5 days late. It was one of those realizations you make internally from pure gut feeling. All I said was I was late and that we needed to go to the grocery store NOW! I sucked water from the time we left the house until I was sitting on the toilet, pregnancy test in hand. If you have every seen the movie Waitress, you would see my mirrored reaction. Staring as the plus sign popped up, saying, “Shit, shit!”. I felt defeated. My life flashed before me, and all I could do was look up at the ceiling and say, “Touché God”

There was a period of time where we actively tried but other than an ectopic pregnancy, nothing happened. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have a normal, healthy baby and gave up on the idea of having my own. Given last years tragedies, I wanted to give Dane and I a chance to heal. Part of me was jaded about having kids. I don’t even really like kids, though I do love my nephews more than any other children. So here we are, February 15th, and I am exactly 8 weeks pregnant.

Who ever thinks being pregnant is awesome, or a beautiful thing either needs to be shot, or have their head checked. Jenny McCarthy said it the best, “Come over to my house around 5pm so I can throw up on you”. Between the nausea, restless sleep, anxiety, gas, sore boobs, food aversions, psycho-chick mood swings, and severe constipation, things are going well. Oh yeah, today I discovered I am getting “the mask of pregnancy”, ooooo fun! Hand me a rusty butter knife so I can slit my throat…thanks.

I need happy, positive stories and ideas from my readers regarding pregnancy and children. Please feel free to share your stories in the comments! On a happy note, this has given us new things to look forward to, like being able to backpack with our child through the world. We want to give them a childhood they can cherish forever. Something that will stick with them. Not your typical, “Oh I got to go to sleep away camp!” stories. No offense to your generic, everyday childhood memory, because something’s you can’t beat, but home schooling and traveling will help them grow into a more well rounded, cultured individual. Call me a hippy, but I want them to be able to play with kids from all over the world, even if they can’t speak the language. We are going to try our best to prevent them from being intolerant of others, ignorant, and narrow-minded. I am the queen of unfinished novels, however, I fully intend on researching and writing a book about traveling with your child. Dane and I prefer to hoof it with backpacks…just to give you an idea.


If there is anyone out there who has questions regarding pregnancy, please leave a comment.


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