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On the mend…?

November 15, 2010

This weekend was good! Dane had a four day weekend so we spent it doing everything together to try and reconnect. It worked. We had a lot of fun doing the things we used to do. This weekend, we even picked up a new hobby; Poi. For those of you who do not know what Poi is, see below:

And a video:

We started with tennis balls inside trouser socks. Yeah, we completely beat the crap out of ourselves on day 1. It was so much fun and we laughed a lot. There was something therapeutic for the both of us, to watch the other being beat to shit by a couple of tennis balls.

We made guacamole and cheese dip one night while listening to a Colombian radio station. Familiar salsa bands were flowing out of the speakers so I decided to give Dane a Salsa dance lesson. He did really well and soon we were spinning around the kitchen. I was impressed!

Today we took our Poi to the Konza Prarie and hiked, stopping to practice whenever we needed a break from walking. We walked along the same creek as we did this summer, the only difference being the creek is pretty much dried up now. This summer we waded through the water ducking under fallen trees, trying to avoid spider webs.

I was bitten by a Brown Recluse on my leg back in 2008 and I still have a large scar! So now I am scared to death of spiders and experience the following:

Arachnoleptic fit n. The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web

In the car on the way to the Konza Prairie, Dane brushed something off my hat, and just as he did that, I saw something fall onto the strap of my seatbelt. I saw something black and right then and there, my blood ran cold, I got dizzy and I had the sudden urge to jump out of the truck, moving or not. It was lint.


This time walking through the creek was nice. No more spiders! Wild turkeys nearly gave me a coronary until I realized it was only turkeys making noise and not a rogue bison hunting us down. I like nature…at a distance.  After watching Dane endurance chase a flock of turkey, we headed home. 

Tonight, the kids are at their Grandma’s house.  Thank you jeebus!


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One Comment
  1. That must have been horrible with the brown recluse. I have not had that happen.

    Wild turkeys have startled us on a hike as well.

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