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Impossible! My cat is blind…

November 15, 2010

Woodrow in his box

So, I finally worked up the nerve to confront the lady who owns the orange tabby, I thought, killed my chicken. Dane and I marched up to her door and knocked. A German lady answered the door and I said, “I think your cat killed one of my chickens.” She gasped and replied, “Not my cat. That’s impossible. My cat is blind!” I made a sound inside my head I can only describe through typing as pft. The same sound one would make prior to saying, ‘yeah right’. Now, right after she said that, up walks an orange tom cat who’s eyes were the size and color of silver dollars. I immediately apologized and she completely understood. I felt like finding a crack and crawling into it. This poor, sweet kitty could not have committed such an act.

Dane and I go over to her house to visit Woodrow, or Woody for short. He knows us and comes up when we call to him. He likes to roll on his back and purr while we rub his belly. Woody also likes to massage our tummies while we lay on our backs, and purrs along with drooling and sticking his tongue out. He is a big mess, but loveable. We would adopt him in a heartbeat!

We decided to make him a gilly box for his porch. We spray painted and decorated a cardboard box, laid a blanket inside and delivered it to him. The next day we drove by his house and saw him sitting inside! His owner called me to ask if we made it for him and to inform us that he loves it!

We were surprised he even found his way inside the box, being blind and all. I hope that made up for the blame!


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  1. Annie permalink

    so sweet & creative!

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